I was born in the Lehigh Valley, about an hour north of Philadelphia in eastern Pennsylvania. Growing up in rural suburbia, I entertained a number of hobbies and interests as a child, including science, computers, and architecture ... but somehow, I always knew I wanted to draw cartoons and funny animals.

A random assortment of accomplishments I've made in the intervening years:

  • I earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts at Moravian College ... with a minor in Computer Science.
  • I worked on a year-long independent project and wrote a thesis entitled Sequential Art and the Use of Anthropomorphic Animal Characters ... which, defying all logic, earned the distinction of "With Honors" printed on my diploma.
  • I was Layout Editor and Production Manager for a monthly Business Journal.
  • I've worked on at least one theatrically released film, The Tigger Movie.
  • I've had my long name appear on television in type so small and fast it couldn't be read in the credits of Mickey MouseWorks, House of Mouse, and Dilbert: The Animated Series.
  • I've been Lead Animator or Art Director on a number of educational games, including some of the Jumpstart series from Knowledge Adventure.
  • I've drawn pictures of people hailing from Canada to Brazil to England to South Africa to Japan when I worked as a caricature artist at SeaWorld, Orlando.
  • I was once asked to draw a guest dressed as Indiana Jones running down a mountain of spaghetti escaping a giant meatball while carrying the Holy Eggplant.
  • I've storyboarded two films that were never produced.
  • I've been Editor in Chief of a college newspaper, Promotions Manager for a college radio station, curator for two years of a college art gallery, and helped found a chapter of Kappa Pi, the national art honors fraternity.
  • I once drew a mural in front of hundreds of children and adults while a wind ensemble played Peter and the Wolf.
  • I once had sushi with MST3K's Joel Hodgson, and he paid the bill.
  • I worked for two years in a tobacco store, having never smoked in my life.
  • I worked in a technical support call center for three weeks.
  • I've rescued a dog.
  • I've lived in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Southern California, and driven from coast to coast three times.

These days, much of my spare time is taken trying to work on artwork and personal projects; fiddling with my web site or my Macintosh network; watching movies or television series from my collection of DVDs and Laserdiscs; and visiting local friends, parks, restaurants, and California freeways.

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