Welcome to the Portfolio, where you can find samples of much of my artwork, sorted in various categories.

Use the links along the top of the page or from the list below to browse the different sections of the portfolio. Within each section, use the thumbnails and links in the menu to the left to look at each image or clip. And please, enjoy!

Finished color work done for clients as logo designs, T-shirt designs, poster designs, etc.
Pencil Sketches
Quick drawings done in graphite or Col-Erase.
Color Sketches
Finished drawings, digital or marker colored, often done for friends or for fun.
Sequences of drawings done to determine and direct the story in an animated production.
The illusion of life. Traditional, Flash animation, and chracter layout.
Life Drawing
Quick, gestural sketches of people and animals drawn from life.
Gift Art
Gifts and trades from friends and fans.

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