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Since it was founded in October 1999, Sofawolf Press' mission has been the publication of high-quality independent, anthropomorphic-related books and periodicals. They got their start releasing primarily novels and short-story fiction, but recently have been also been getting involved in art books as well.

As a friend of Tim, Mark, Jeff, and the rest of the editors, I've been proud to be ongoingly involved with several of their publications. Below is a list of Sofawolf titles that I've been involved in in one way or another. For more information on these or any other of Sofawolf's publications, please visit their web site at

Spotlight: New and Upcoming Releases
Buffalo Wings Annual #1
Buffalo Wings AnnualRelease date: June 2006; 76 pages

Continuing from where the story left off in Wild Life (and in the Buffalo Wings Reunion Volume 2), the first volume of Buffalo Wings Annual will bring back Stuart, Sarah, Willard, Cliff, and the rest in all-new stories, written by original creator John Nunnemacher, with artwork by Vince Suzukawa. Also included in this first trade paperback publication will be contributions by Brian Reynolds, Brian Yee, some art by John himself, a cover by Theo Bain, and a foreword written by Ursa Major award-winner Kyell Gold (Volle). Check the Buffalo Wings site or on Sofawolf's site for more information!

AV4: Art of Red Tango
Art of Red TangoRelease date: July 2006; 60 pages

The fourth release in this unique series, Artistic Visions: The Art of RedTango highlights the artwork and development of Cynthia Petrovic, animator, storyboard artist, and creator of the popular RedTango line of clothing and merchandise.

I worked with Cynthia on putting together the page layout for this book.

Anthrolations #8
Anthrolations 8Expected release date: Summer 2006

Debuting in January 2000, the award-nominated* Anthrolations: The Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction showcases character based stories employing anthropomorphic animals in a variety of themes and sub-genres, along with illustrations by known and rising artists.

For Anthrolations #8, I will have three illustrations for the story "First Light," written by Tim Susman.

* "Best Fanzine" nomination and "Best Short Story" nominations, 2002 Ursa Major Awards.

HistoriMorphs 3HistoriMorphs #3
Release date: June 2006

HistoriMorphs is a collection of short stories examining actual human historical events through the eyes of anthropomorphic characters, as if they had existed as part of the scene at that time.

For HistoriMorphs #3, I will have one illustration for the story "The Way They Fight," written by Jefferson Swycaffer.

Previous Releases: Alphabtical
Anthrolations 5Anthrolations #5
Release date: January 2002; 52 pages

For Anthrolations #5, I did two illustrations for the story "The One with the Spooky House," written by Tim Susman.

Anthrolations 7Anthrolations #7
Release date: November 2003; 52 pages

For Anthrolations #7, I did a full-color cover, as well as illustrating the story "Fish Gotta Swim," by Michael H. Payne.

AV2: Art of Brian and Tracy Reynolds
Artistic Visions 2Release date: July 2004; 92 pages

Artistic Visions is a series of full-size perfect-bound publications focusing on the artwork, philosophy, and technique of well-known artists. The second volume features the art of animator and illustrator husband and wife team Brian and Tracy Reynolds.

As with book one, I did the cover and interior layout design for the book.

Buffalo Wings Reunion
By John Nunnemacher, et. al.
Volume 1 release date: July 2004; 154 pages
Volume 2 release date: January 2005; 120 pages

Buffalo Wings ReunionsMaybe you've been around long enough to remember the anthropomorphic college slice-of-life comic series Buffalo Wings as first published; maybe you've only seen scattered reprints, or heard hazy recollections of a work from an era long past. Maybe you have no clue what it is. Now's your chance to read it all.

Buffalo Wings Reunion reprints in two volumes everything relating to Buffalo Wings published in the twentieth century, and includes topical commentary and anecdotes by the author. Volume One reprints the entire original series from the fanzine Yarf!, and includes a never-before-seen chapter wrapping up some of the original storylines, written by the author and drawn by Vince Suzukawa. Volume Two includes the entire second series from the Wild Life comic anthology, plus various extras, a collaboration story done with artist Jimmy Chin, and bonus story "The Cop and the Anthem."

HistoriMorphsHistoriMorphs #1
Release date: July 2001; 54 pages

In HistoriMorphs #1, I did a full-page illustration for the story "First Flight," written by Lanny Fields.

Shadows in Snow
Release date: January 2004; 182 pages

Shadows in SnowThe critically acclaimed Breaking The Ice introduced readers to the harsh, snowy world of New Tibet. Shadows in Snow returns there with an all-new volume of stories of love, despair, and snow. Stories by Tim Susman, Alopex, Jeff Eddy, and Mick Collins.

For Shadows in Snow, I've done seven full-page illustrations, for all the short stories collected within.

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